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序号 姓名 论文题目 发表刊物/论文集 刊物类型 发表时间
1 孔德进 Reducing pilot overhead: channel estimation with symbol repetition in MIMO-FBMC systems IEEE Transactions on Communications A级 2020-12-16
2 孔德进 Reduction of cyclic prefix overhead in narrow-band internet of things (NB-IoT) systems IEEE Wireless Communications Letters A级 2020-11-05
3 袁理 Colored spun fabric texture representation and application by combining spatial features with frequency features Textile Research Journal C2级 2020-09-30
4 孔德进 A novel DFT-based scheme for PAPR reduction in FBMC/OQAM systems IEEE Wireless Communications Letters A级 2020-09-15
5 刘沐黎 色纺机织物组织结构对其呈色特性的影响 纺织学报 C2级 2020-09-15
6 周偲 Magnon?tuning non?volatile magnetic dynamics in a coZr/ pMn?pt structure Scientific Reports B级 2020-09-01
7 叶庆 信号对单模激光损失模型输出特性的影响 激光与红外 D级 2020-09-01
8 孔德进 Preamble-based MMSE channel estimation with low pilot overhead in MIMO-FBMC systems IEEE Access A级 2020-08-11
9 孔德进 MMSE channel estimation for two-port demodulation reference signals in new radio Science China Information Sciences A级 2020-07-01
10 刘莉丽 Optical Fiber Fabry-Perot Interferometer Sensor Fabricated by Femtosecond Laser-Induced Water Breakdown Integrated Ferroelectrics C1级 2020-06-12
11 王闵 Investigation of Heated Nozzle Temperature in ABS Specimens Fabricated Based on Fiber Bragg Grating During Fused Deposition Modeling Process Integrated Ferroelectrics C1级 2020-06-12
12 任艳琴 High-Temperature Optical Fiber Sensor Fabricated by Water-Assisted Femtosecond Laser Integrated Ferroelectrics C1级 2020-06-12
13 龚雪 混合色彩空间与多核学习的色纺织物组织点识别 纺织学报 C2级,C1级 2020-05-15
14 李鉴 Detection and Location of a Target in Layered Media without Prior Knowledge of Medium Parameters Chinese Physics Letters B级 2020-05-09
15 王水兵 Negative Depletion Mediated Brightfield Circulating Tumour Cell Identification Strategy on Microparticle-Based Microfluidic Chip Journal of Nanobiotechnology A级 2020-05-07
16 王凯 A PQ data compression algorithm based on wavelet domain principal  component analysis 2020 Asia Energy and Electrical Engineering Symposium D 2020-05-01
17 张诗明 Denoising algorithm for dual-tree complex wavelet power quality  disturbance signal with improved threshold function 2020 Asia Energy and Electrical Engineering Symposium D 2020-05-01
18 任艳琴 基于混合式教学理念建构 大学物理实验高效课堂 大学物理实验 F级 2020-04-06
19 李德骏 基于stm32的短纤尾丝实时检测方法 电子测试 D级 2020-03-26
20 熊祎 One-step firing of carbon fiber and ceramic precursors for high performance electro-thermal composite: Influence of graphene coating Materials and Design A级 2020-03-06
21 李德骏 聚酯短纤维头尾丝自动隔离系统的设计 毛纺科技 D级 2020-02-28
22 李德骏 大kok官网qq下载 CQ素质培养体系的构建和实践 kok官网qq下载现代化 待认定 2020-02-17
23 冯存芳 Projective–lag synchronization scheme between two different discrete-time chaotic systems International Journal of Non-Linear Mechanics B级 2020-02-15
24 Wen Ren Hierarchical Copper Sulfide Porous Nanocages for Rechargeable Multivalent-Ion Batteries ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces A级 2020-02-12
25 熊玉立 Pt decorated nanocarbon-intercalated and N-doped Graphene with enhanced activity and stability for oxygen reduction reaction ACS Applied Energy Materials C1级 2020-02-04
26 王晓晶 Atomic structure and electronic property of two-dimensional ferroelectric CuInP2Se6 Ceramics Internationals A级 2020-02-04
27 李德骏 具有头尾丝跟踪功能的自动配桶系统设计 上海纺织科技 C1级 2020-02-03
28 孔德进 Frame repetition: a solution to imaginary interference cancellation in FBMC/OQAM systems IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing A级 2020-02-03
29 胡敏 Solvent Engineering of a Dopant-Free Spiro-OMeTAD HoleTransport Layer for Centimeter-Scale Perovskite Solar Cells with High Efficiency and Thermal Stability ACS  Applied Materials & Interfaces T2级 2020-01-29
30 王水兵 Simultaneous and automated detection of influenza A virus hemagglutinin H7 and H9 based on magnetism and size mediated microfluidic chip Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical T2级 2020-01-08